The Idea

It all began with a trip to Barcelona. The first Hams & Clams was a 50 square meter oyster bar where everything happened right before your eyes—the oysters, the jamon, the prosciutto, all in plain view and within direct reach of everyone.

After two years, almost karmically, the perfect place for our new home was found. Marina Zeas, a larger space, which evolved both aesthetically and functionally. It might remind you of a comfort seafood restaurant in Portland or an oyster bar in Maine, yet easily a sea-centric, all-white establishment at a Mediterranean coastal resort.


Oyster bar


Fresh seafood


signature dishes

Discover everything about our seafood dishes and what we offer on the full menu below.

Oysters remain a highlight in several variations, along with the jamon. The kitchen and cooking techniques are influenced by the East Coast of America, as well as Spain and the Mediterranean. Wine and cocktails complement the food with any combination. Relaxed moments and nibbling at the outdoor bar, relaxed moments and nibbling at the indoor bar.

After-office meetings, corporate meals in a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere. The creative process generates daily specials that start from an idea. Naturally, since creators and owners always wear an apron.



Zea Marina,

Piraeus 185 37

working hours

Mo – Fri

14:00 – 01:00


13:30 – 01:00


13:30 – 20:00